Making the Dharma flourish

DBA was founded by Shamar Rinpoche with the wish to spread Dharma in the world. After his parinirvana, His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa and Jigme Rinpoche continue to develop this activity. Following Rinpoche’s wish, DBA Acharyas are going to different monasteries in India and Nepal to teach Buddha Dharma as well as centers in other Asian countries.


Since 2013 every year we send several Acharyas to Europe for 3 months. This activity is very successful and helps to build a strong foundation for Buddhist philosophy studies in the West, i.e. Bodhi PathDhagpo and other Karma Kagyu centers in the West.


Jigme Rinpoche and other Masters also send some of their disciples from Europe to DBA to study the Dharma.


He also advised that it is beneficial to teach the foundations of Dharma to local villagers. Following his instruction, some of our teachers regularly go to the villages to share Dharma teachings. Local people appreciate it very much.


These activities are gradually developing, and in the future, we are planning to send more Dharma teachers to Asia, Europe, and the USA. It will be very beneficial and will allow developing Dharma in the future all over the world.