“Without the monastic environment, no matter what kind of perfect society we have, somehow due to our various responsibilities that we have within our society, somehow it stops us from actually truly realising what it all means. Therefore, having a monastic sangha allows many of us actually to truly tap into the meaning of Buddha dharma, and therefore it helps us to accumulate what is most essential in our lives, called merit.”
Thaye Dorje

His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa


In the shedra practices are both in group and individual.

Group practices are held for one hour every morning and evening.

Morning: Manjushri and Tara
Evening: Mahakala and aspiration prayers

At the beginning of every scholar year, at the end of February, monks perform a special practice. And every month a few rituals are scheduled based on the Karma Kagyu calendar.

Individual practices:
Meditation & accumulation of prayers or mantras are based on the personal choice of every student. As well as taking and keeping vows.

Practices on request:
Some practitioners are making requests to the Shedra to pray for their long life and their welfare, as well as for sick and deceased people.
In these cases, we perform Amitabha, Chenrezig, Aspiration prayers, Sangye Menla (Medicine Buddha), Tara & Mahakala.