Construction in Kalimpong shedra

Because the amount of students has increased over the past few years, we are not able to accommodate new applicants. To improve the situation we have started the construction of a new three-floor building that contains eight classrooms and seventeen dormitories. Construction is largely performed by students of shedra in order to save funds.


Additionally DBA plans the construction of guest house in order to give shelter to the many visitors that come to Kalimpong. As well as to build a large temple for holding events during the visits of Karmapa.


Construction in Takdah school

The facilities of the Diwakar School have been too small for a long time for the growing population of students and teachers. Just recently, the new student’s dormitories with the big auditorium on the top floor have been finished. Finally, all students at the school in Takdah can perform their practices together. But the school still needs more classrooms and adequate accommodation for the staff and guests.


We have made plans for a new two-floor building that will have eleven new bedrooms, five new classrooms, and an office.