Students’ background

We would like to share a little bit about the background of the students who come to Diwakar. There are many different personal backgrounds, and of course, each and everyone is special. For example, in the far region of Himalaya, or even in Nepal, there are many poor families who cannot take care of their children. There are also many orphans, for instance, the mother died and the father is an alcoholic. So sometimes, when it’s possible, Diwakar took and is taking the responsibility to bring these children and give them the education and the environment that they are lacking.

In other cases, it’s the family who sends one of their children to the Shedra because they know that they cannot raise them properly, and they cannot offer them a bright future. In these cases, Diwakar also takes care of children, gives them education, food, and accommodation in order to offer them a better future.

Of course, there are also some of the Diwakar students who don’t have this kind of difficulties, they are simply willing to study Buddhism and get well versed in Buddhist philosophy.

Whatever the background may be, Diwakar is always providing free education and offering a decent environment for studying and practicing Buddhism properly. This being said, we wholeheartedly encourage each and every one of you, to participate in this project, by giving consideration, time, or money, no matter how small your help can seem to be, it will always be much appreciated, and of great help for the future of Diwakar Shedra. We, the Diwakar members, witnessed at many occasions the beneficial activity of such a work, and it’s because it’s very fruitful that we are asking for your kind collaboration and help.